Finance and Planning

Senior Discounts You Never Knew Existed

If you’re a senior living on a fixed budget, every dollar counts. But your lifestyle doesn’t need to suffer just because you’re keeping an eye on your bank account. Many …

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Hidden Costs of Aging in Place

Meth-Wick Couple Hiking

As you plan for the next stage of your life, there’s one big question every person has to consider. Do I want to stay in my home or move? For …

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Who Knew? Life Begins (Again) at 65

By Bruce Horovitz, Kaiser Health News I was convinced I would become an adult when I turned 21. But now, I’m certain that turning 65 was the watershed moment that …

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When To Make The Move to a Senior Living Community


If you ask an older adult which decade of their life has been the best so far, they’ll probably say their sixties. Most adults in their sixties are in good …

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Robin’s Nest: Researching The Move To Meth-Wick

From the desk of Meth-Wick Community CEO, Robin Mixdorf. With 240 spacious homes, condos and apartments across 68 acres, there is no shortage of seniors looking to make the move …

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What You Need To Know About Medicare Open Enrollment


Fall is here again, which means it’s time for the Medicare Fall Open Enrollment Period. Medicare enrollment can be challenging to sort through when you first sign up, let alone …

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Three Ways Community Living Can Make You Happier

Older adults have dozens of choices for where and how to spend their retirement years. Some of those choices are limited by ability but, for the most part, today’s older …

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Know When To Draw Your Social Security

In a recent study, 82% of pre-retirees didn’t know that the age they begin drawing their Social Security benefits affected the amount in their monthly payments. The Consumer Financial Protection …

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Senior fraud steals $36 billion annually: Be aware and be safe

Although anyone can become a victim of financial fraud (deceptive sales and marketing tactics), predators frequently target senior citizens because they are trusting, often live alone and may have reduced …

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Making an Informed Senior Living Community Decision

The good news is: seniors today have many retirement community options to choose from. The bad news is: seniors today have many retirement community options to choose from. In other …

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