Wellness & Recreation

Wellness & Recreation

Wellness And Recreation Couple Pole WalkingAs a wellness campus with options for care, Meth-Wick Community promotes the whole- person wellness model in all levels of care. This model emphasizes six dimensions of wellness: spiritual, physical, vocational, emotional, intellectual and social wellness.

Whole person wellness is a top priority year-round. Educational programming, events, and classes serving all of the six dimensions of wellness are offered throughout the year to help each resident live their best life.

Wellness and Recreation highlights:

  • Intellectual programs that include music, puzzles, problem-solving, movies and reading
  • Variety of fitness classes focused on strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and range of motion
  • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists on staff to help you attain your personal goals
  • Full-time fitness specialist who leads general and specialized exercise classes five days a week
  • Bus trips to off-campus events, restaurants, and shopping
  • Three LifeTrail™ fitness kiosks on campus that residents can use during walk

In addition to classes and planned events, all residents of our wellness campus have access to a state-of-the-art exercise equipment room, located in Town Center in The Manor.

Exercise equipment room:

  • Senior-friendly equipment that was selected following two years of research by staff.
  • Exercise room available 24 hours a day, after orientation with fitness staff.
  • Two treadmills with safety features that include extended rails and a monitor to shut off the machine if the user gets too close to the end of the treadmill.
  • Two unique recumbent bicycles that allow
  • users to step through the bike to be seated rather than step over a bar that might cause the user to stumble.
  • NuStep recumbent steppers, specially designed for low impact, effective cardiovascular and strength benefits
  • Two dual-functioning weight machines by HUR, which use air resistance rather than weights. Safer and easier to use than equipment with weight stacks, these machines provide a more effective workout because they isolate specific muscles. Personalized weight routines can be loaded onto a special computerized card, simplifying set-up and follow-through on machines.

WelTracs® enhances wellness options for residents


We understand that living well is important to you. That is why we developed WelTracs®, a valuable tool in providing you with resources to help you live your best life at Meth-Wick.

Meth-Wick staff developed WelTracs® to target health and wellness programs to match your needs and preferences.

WelTracs® will help you:

  • Define your interests, needs and preferences.
  • Create a personal successful aging plan based on your health and wellness goals.
  • Adapt your successful aging plan if/when your needs change.
  • Offer you the resources on and off campus to meet your goals.
  • Target wellness programs to match resident needs.
  • Direct our resources to resident interests and goals.
  • Support a better range, quality and depth of services.

  • Contact Grace Hiedeman for more information on WelTracs

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