Senior Discounts You Never Knew Existed

Senior Discounts You Never Knew Existed

If you’re a senior living on a fixed budget, every dollar counts. But your lifestyle doesn’t need to suffer just because you’re keeping an eye on your bank account. Many businesses and organizations offer discounts for seniors. Sometimes these savings are widely advertised but other times you just need to ask an employee if you qualify for any discounts at checkout.

Browse the tips below to help you plan a vacation on a budget or just take advantage of a night out in Cedar Rapids.


  • Dunkin’ Donuts: For those who are looking for a discount and have an AARP membership, expect a free donut with the purchase of a large beverage here.
  • iHop: Senior discounts here are on meal prices and drinks. Up to 10 percent off is provided.
  • Outback: Outback’s senior discount is for AARP members. They can save up to 10 percent on their purchase here.
  • McDonalds: A discount here could help you to get a free cup of coffee or a discounted price on one. Locations vary significantly in what they offer to seniors.
  • Chick-fil-A: This location provides a free, refillable senior drink with a purchase. It doesn’t apply to coffee, though.
  • Subway: Individual locations differ significantly. However, many locations will offer seniors a discount of 10 percent on their purchase.
  • Olive Garden: Olive Garden offers senior pricing for early bird dinners.
  • Red Lobster: Seniors may be able to find discounts through a senior menu provided.
  • Applebee’s: Discounts here vary but can be as much as 15 percent.
  • Texas Roadhouse: Seniors may be able to find discounts through a senior menu provided.
  • Chili’s: Seniors over 55 are eligible to receive 10 percent off of their bill.
  • Dairy Queen: Seniors are eligible to receive 10 percent off at some locations, while other locations offer a free small drink to seniors with an additional purchase.


  • Marriott: Seniors booking their hotel stay can reduce costs up to 10 percent.
  • Best Western: 10% or more for AARP or senior guests (55+).
  • Comfort Inn: If you are 60+ or an AARP member, you’ll save up to 10% with advance reservations. Just select “Senior/AARP” from the special rate dropdown or request the Senior Rate* when you call 800-4CHOICE (800-424-6423) (60+).
  • United Airlines: United offers discounted prices for flights for seniors over 65. Seniors need to select the Over 65 category when purchasing tickets online or with a customer service agent. Discounts vary depending on the flight and location.
  • American Airlines: There are various senior discounts that apply to various trips. Call to find out which are available.
  • Delta: Senior discounts are available for limited itineraries with Delta Air Lines. However, you must call 1-800-221-1212 to find out if your flight is eligible for the discounted fare. You will not be able to purchase your tickets online and receive the senior discount.
  • Greyhound: Seniors over 62 can receive 5 percent off of Greyhound bus tickets. You do need to provide a photo ID for eligibility.
  • Amtrak: Amtrak travelers (62+) years of age and over are eligible to receive a 15% discount on the lowest available rail fare on most Amtrak trains. On cross-border services operated jointly by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada, a 10% Senior discount is applicable to travelers (60+).


  • Marcus Theaters: The Young at Heart program offers a special $6.00 admission price to anyone age 60 and over for showing that start before 5:30 p.m. on Fridays.
  • Disneyland and Disney World: Seniors may qualify for some discounts throughout the parks. Limited admission discounts are not available any longer.
  • National Parks: A Senior Lifetime Pass costs $80 and provides access to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by five Federal agencies (62+).
  • Cruises: The cruise lines are always offering discounted fares for one reason or another.  Make sure you call your favorite cruise line to make sure you’re getting the best deal for the month in which you’re cruising.  In most cases, the big cruise lines like Carnival Cruises, Norwegian, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean will offer discounts to those travelers that are 55 and older. (Be sure to ask)


  • Kohl’s: Kohl’s offers senior discounts every Wednesday. They can be up to 15 percent off. They allow seniors to combine these discount days with coupons to save even more.
  • Ross Stores: Seniors can get 10 percent off if they shop on Tuesdays in the store. Those over 55 qualify for this discount.
  • Walmart: Walmart offers very few discounts to seniors. Some locations can offer reduced costs to seniors some days each week.
  • Home Depot: Home Depot does not offer specific senior discounts. However, it does price match the discounts that other retailers may offer for the same product in their location.
  • Goodwill: Perhaps one of the best-known locations for savings. Seniors can get between 10 and 20 percent off one day each week. Locations set the dates that work for their needs.
  • Target: Limited access to senior discounts is available at Target. However, some locations may offer discounts on specific days for various events.
  • Amazon: If you are an AARP member you can save 50 percent on certain Kindle e-books, 10 percent on Kindle e-readers, and 10 percent on audio and print books.
  • Lowe’s: Veteran seniors can receive 10 percent off of eligible purchases
  • Michael’s: 10% off every day (with AARP card – 55+)

Always ask if there’s a senior discount, no matter your purchase. Many discounts require an AARP membership, which you can sign up for as soon as you turn 50. However, the age requirement to be considered a “senior” varies by business. The qualifying age to use a senior discount could be 50, 65, or anywhere in between. You may be able to start saving money sooner than you think!


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