Hidden Costs of Aging in Place

Hidden Costs of Aging in Place

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As you plan for the next stage of your life, there’s one big question every person has to consider. Do I want to stay in my home or move?

For those who choose to continue living in their home, this is commonly referred to as aging in place. It’s an attractive option for many because it removes the need to find a senior living option, sell your home and downsize. You get to stay where things are familiar and comfortable.

But your lifestyle and needs change with age, bringing with it the hidden costs of aging in place.

Health Changes
As people grow older, it’s natural to experience things like fatigue, loss of balance, poor grip strength, forgetfulness and worsening eyesight. These changes may require you to hire a home health aide to help you out with day-to-day activities around the house like light cleaning, preparing healthy food, filling prescriptions, and making appointments.

Home Modifications and Maintenance
From stairways to showers, your home will most likely require some updates in order for you to remain safe and independent considering the health changes outlined above. That could mean putting in a new no-step shower, installing handrails, or even investing in a wheelchair entrance. Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage, these changes, along with general home maintenance and upkeep, will bring surprise expenses every year.

Social Well Being
Your local community will change over the next 20 years, potentially changing the make-up of your nearby support system of family members and helpful neighbors. One of the most common problems older adults face, even more than high cholesterol or diabetes, is loneliness. It can negatively impact not just your mental well-being but your physical well-being too.

There are significant financial and social costs to aging in place that could seriously hinder the lifestyle you want to live. But what about the other option? If you aren’t going to age in place, it’s time to move somewhere that will take care of those hidden costs for you.

Senior living communities offer the comforts of home without the hassle of home ownership. At most facilities, all of your maintenance is taken care of, down to changing the light bulbs. They offer exercise classes and wellness centers to facilitate a healthy lifestyle and strong social circles. And there are different living options catered to the type and size of home you want.

“There’s certainly a lot of change that comes with moving out of your family home and into a senior living community,” says Robin Mixdorf, Meth-Wick CEO. “But after our residents make the move, so many tell me they wish they would have done it sooner.”

The up-front costs of a senior living community may cause some sticker shock. But it’s important to know that aging in place comes with its own costs that add up along the way.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to ask yourself the question. How do you want to live the next chapter of your life? If you’ve considered a senior living community but are not sure where to start, give us a call. Take a tour of our wooded 68-acre campus, see our different styles of living, walk you through our wellness center, and get a glimpse into all that Meth-Wick has to offer. We’ll also provide a consultation on the costs of moving to Meth-Wick.

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