When To Make The Move to a Senior Living Community

When To Make The Move to a Senior Living Community


If you ask an older adult which decade of their life has been the best so far, they’ll probably say their sixties. Most adults in their sixties are in good health, don’t have any children or parents to care for, and have the time and money to travel.

So what’s one thing still tying you down in your sixties? It’s probably your house. If you’re not around, there’s no one to water the plants, mow the lawn, check the heater or fix that leak in the roof.

Residents at Meth-Wick don’t have to worry about those details. We have a team of professionals on staff that handle grounds keeping, maintenance repair, and security for your home. Our Life Plan Community is a place where you get to live the life you’ve been planning, saving, and working toward for years.

So what’s stopping you from making the move?

Let’s face it – there’s a bit of a stigma around retirement living communities. Some people are resistant to the idea because they think “those places” are for “old people.”

But here are the facts:

  • Meth-Wick is open to anyone age 55 and older.
  • It’s a community focused on wellness with options for care.
  • You live in a beautiful home or condo on our wooded 68-acre campus while we do the maintenance.

Don’t forget the social benefits as well. Our residents all find themselves at a similar stage in life, ready to make new connections and friends. Social wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing as you age. Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging completed a survey of over 5,000 Life Plan Community residents in 2018. Their research found:

  • Life Plan Community residents tend to have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and vocational wellness than their community-dwelling counterparts*.
  • Residents report significantly more healthy behaviors than community dwellers* (not just more exercise).
  • 69% of residents reported that moving to a Life Plan Community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness.

If the stigma is the only thing keeping you or a loved one from considering us, try to keep an open mind. The physical, social and emotional benefits of communities like ours are undeniable. We want your sixties to be the best decade of your life. If you want that too, let’s continue the conversation.

To learn more about independent living at Meth-Wick, contact Julie Farmer at lifestyles@methwick.org or 319-297-8638.

*In the Mather study, respondents were grouped into two categories: community dwellers and Life Plan Community residents. Community dwellers refers to any respondent that doesn’t live in a Life Plan Community.