Meth-Wick Community is a non-profit organization and has been since 1961. Do you believe in providing vibrant communities and exceptional care for older adults in our community? Learn more about how you can support Meth-Wick’s mission.

Charitable Giving Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

Through the Meth-Wick Endowment Fund, financial resources continue to grow and become available for use, while simultaneously offering meaningful investment and tax savings opportunities for donors. The Meth-Wick Endowment Fund’s yearly income serves one primary purpose: to help provide ongoing care for residents who have exhausted their financial resources through no fault of their own.

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Charitable Giving Memorials


Meth-Wick Community offers many opportunities for memorial gifts, allowing you to celebrate the memory or accomplishments of a special person. The range of memorial naming opportunities on Meth-Wick’s campus allows you to choose a memorial that reflects the interest, hobby or passion of the individual you wish to remember.

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Charitable Giving Honorariums


An honorarium gift may celebrate a friend, relative or other special person for their significant impact on your life, the lives of others or the community. An honorarium may also be given in your own name to show your support of, or belief in, the importance of a service, structure or other entity that enhances the life of Meth-Wick residents.

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Charitable Giving Lifetime Donors

Lifetime Donors

Lifetime Donors are recognized for their gift of over $100,000. Through their generosity, Lifetime Donors enhance the lives of Meth-Wick residents in many ways. Their gifts are used to provide free or discounted care to residents who have depleted their financial resources and support capital improvements like Town Center.

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