Robin’s Nest: Researching The Move To Meth-Wick

Robin’s Nest: Researching The Move To Meth-Wick

From the desk of Meth-Wick Community CEO, Robin Mixdorf.

With 240 spacious homes, condos and apartments across 68 acres, there is no shortage of seniors looking to make the move to the Meth-Wick’s campus. Over the past year, Meth-Wick has worked with WildFig – a data and analytics consulting firm – to learn what continues to make Meth-Wick an attractive senior living option for older adults today.

Our objectives for this year’s study were to understand perceptions of Meth-Wick as a whole, learn what drives decision-making for a potential resident, and hear what their expectations were once they move to Meth-Wick.

WildFig conducted their research in two phases: five sets of focus groups and an online survey. Let’s dig in to some of their findings.

  • 81% of survey respondents are currently retired
  • 63% do not have outstanding mortgages
  • 35% have lived at their current residence longer than 20 years

When asked when they plan on moving, a majority of respondents said they wanted to stay in their current homes for another 2-5 years. They have a variety of reasons for waiting, mostly related to their house, their health and their finances. Many feared losing memories and having to get rid of prized possessions when they downsize to a smaller residence.

We found that many potential residents value the social and recreational features of Meth-Wick. They like the walking trails and campus environment, as well as the dining options and welcoming residents and staff. The most common terms used when describing Meth-Wick as a whole were “impressed”, “friendly”, “helpful” and “welcoming.”

In terms of accommodation style, 77 percent want apartment or condo style living. Respondents between 60-70 years old wanted three bedrooms but respondents over age 70 preferred two bedrooms. Men favored homes with less than 1000 square feet while women preferred more square footage.

In our survey results, we found that 88 percent considered home care to help them age in place but ultimately decided they’d rather be part of a community as they age, which what makes Meth-Wick such an attractive option.

Respondents want to make their home at Meth-Wick because of the strong community feel, our dedication to active lifestyles, and the variety of living options available across our campus.

Thank you to all who took the time to attend focus groups or fill out our survey. We are committed to creating the best senior living experience possible for our residents, both current and future.