Six Dimensions of Wellness for All

Six Dimensions of Wellness for All

6 dimensions of wellness: vocational, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual

Meth-Wick Community is still brimming with excitement over being selected as a recipient of the 2019 ICAA NuStep Beacon Award recognizing the Top 25 Best in Wellness senior communities in North America! Our commitment to providing a best-in-class wellness-centered campus with options for care is one of the reasons we received that recognition.

As a leader in providing quality senior living, our Wellness and Recreation Department focuses on developing programs for residents using six dimensions of wellness—Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Physical and Vocational. We believe this focus is part of the reason we received the Beacon Award.

For this blog post, we’d like to fill you in on how we’re continually working toward whole-person wellness with each dimension—first, with this overview of the dimensions, and then, with future blog posts providing more details about each of the dimensions of wellness with examples of their presence at Meth-Wick.


Spiritual wellness can include organized religion and other spiritual practices. It recognizes a search for meaning and purpose and/or fulfillment of spiritual principles. Worship, study, meditation, conversation and other activities fall within this dimension.


Emotional wellness includes awareness of thoughts and feelings and having safe ways to express those feelings. Supportive relationships with others, self-knowledge and self-care are important to emotional wellness.


Intellectual wellness recognizes stimulating mental practice and interaction with others and the world. Continued learning, processing and critical thinking are all vital to expanding knowledge as well as connecting with others through thoughtful conversation.


Social wellness encourages relationships with yourself and others through friends, family and other social networks. Engaging with others fosters healthy interdependent relationships that provide a sense of connection.


Physical wellness encompasses exercise, diet, sleep and other aspects of health. It’s key to overall well-being and continued independence. Access to a variety of activities, nutritious food options and quality health care make it easier to maintain physical health.


Vocational wellness recognizes personal satisfaction through one’s individual skills and abilities in regard to their work, volunteerism and ability to add value in life. This dimension focuses on finding self-value through the contributions one can make to the world around them.

We fully embrace these dimensions of wellness and empower everyone on campus to take an active role in enhancing wellness across campus.

Please stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will cover more details about the dimensions and their connection to programs on our wellness campus with options for care.