The Spiritual Dimension of Wellness

The Spiritual Dimension of Wellness


Spiritual wellness is one of six dimensions of wellness we consider to be key in order for our residents to live their lives to the fullest. Our community is constantly implementing and developing programs to complement each dimension of wellness. In this blog post, however, we are going to focus on spiritual wellness.

For us, spiritual wellness can include organized religion and other spiritual practices. Spiritual wellness is about a search for meaning and purpose and/or fulfillment of spiritual principles.

Benefits of Spiritual Wellness
Similar to religion, spirituality involves believing in something bigger than yourself. A general spiritual wellness definition is having a life-purpose or sense of meaning.

When it comes to seniors meeting their spiritual needs, a spiritual community can provide social connection as well as solace for health issues and other questions and concerns that come up as they continue to age. Practicing spirituality can also allow seniors to share life experiences with younger people and help guide them on their own spiritual journey. This connection and sense of meaning have been shown to help relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health.

Ways to Practice Spiritual Wellness

For some, spiritual wellness is directly correlated to their religion. This involves going to a church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship to practice their religion.

Spiritual study is more than just learning about the practice of spirituality. It’s about looking within, studying your thoughts and emotions and reflecting on your life. However, it can also involve the more traditional approach of studying scriptures or religious texts and reflecting on their deeper meanings.

Mindful Mediation
Spiritual meditation is the mindful practice of connection to something that is greater, vaster and deeper than the individual self. Mindful meditation isn’t limited to any particular faith or religion – anyone can follow a guided spiritual mediation. The core of meditation is taking deep breaths and staying focused on your breathing to the exclusion of all distractions.

Spirituality focuses on benefitting others, but to do this we have to start with ourselves first. Looking at our own minds, we learn to accept who we are with tenderness and benevolence. We can then extend this tenderness and benevolence to others.

At Meth-Wick, we have two part-time chaplains on campus. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we currently are leading a virtual non-denominational worship service each week. We’ve also begun hosting a limited-attendance bible study group complete with social distancing, masks and disinfecting precautions. There are also daily devotions televised on the in-house TV station along with other spiritual and meditation options. Our chaplains are also calling residents and touching base to attend to any spiritual needs. Typically, our services are all offered in-person, however, in order to maintain the safety of residents and staff, we have had to make adjustments for the time-being.

Meth-Wick Community believes in assisting residents in accessing spiritual resources and information no matter what their faith tradition is.