The Social Dimension of Wellness

The Social Dimension of Wellness

Social wellness is one of six dimensions of wellness we consider to be key in order for our residents to live their best lives. Our community is constantly implementing and developing programs to complement each dimension of wellness. In this blog post, however, we are going to focus on social wellness.

For us, social wellness means spending time engaging with one person or many people. We encourage this through various programs — it’s what makes our community feel like one big family.

Benefits of building and maintaining relationships

Social wellness is all about relationships. Whether it’s friendships, love interests or bonding with family members. Nurturing healthy, strong relationships and connecting with peers is crucial to your health as you age. Here are just a few of the health benefits that come with maintaining social wellness:

  • You’re at a lower risk to develop depression.
  • It builds your immune system.
  • It improves your cardiovascular health.
  • It slows down decline of cognitive abilities.
  • It reduces risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis.
  • It extends your overall life expectancy.

As people age and retire, it can become difficult to maintain connections or build new ones. Loved ones may begin to focus on building their families or move away. If you’re retired, you might have a tough time keeping in touch with past work colleagues.

How to create and preserve relationships

Despite the changes you may be facing in life, that doesn’t mean you have to change how often you socially engage with people. There are many ways to remain socially active. Here are a few:

  • Volunteer at a local church or elementary school.
  • Take part in local activities like going to the movies or joining a book club.
  • If you feel comfortable with it, try out social media and other forms of technology to stay in touch with friends and family.
  • Try to find a common area or town center within your community — at Meth-Wick our Town Center features a library, a coffee shop and a salon among other things!
  • Gather in our key club, or dining room, to visit with friends over a glass of wine!

Meth-Wick offers various services to create an ideal community setting. We assist our residents in taking an active role in maintaining, and enhancing, their own personal wellness by utilizing the wide array of amenities offered on our campus.

Check back soon for upcoming blog posts that will cover more details on the remaining dimensions of wellness and how they connect to the programs on our wellness campus.