Why Wellness is Important at Meth-Wick Community

Why Wellness is Important at Meth-Wick Community

Ask five different people what the term “wellness” means to them, and you’ll likely get five different The Six Dimensions of Wellnessanswers. That’s because the idea of wellness is often viewed through the lens of one’s current stage in life. What wellness means to a 65 year old recent retiree will probably be different than to a 25 year old new mother.

However, regardless of one’s stage in life, there are distinct areas of wellness—coined the Six Dimensions of Wellness by the National Institute of Wellness—that create the foundation of healthy living. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness in all areas is crucial to living a higher quality of life.

We’ve touched on each of the six dimensions here on the blog over the past several months, and we also had a chance to sit down with Lois Buntz, a member of the Meth-Wick board of directors.

As the chair of the Quality Resident Life committee, Lois’ goal is to encourage residents to thrive through access to quality health services, a robust community life, and a culture of personalized wellness. Watch as she shares the different ways residents can experience each of the six dimensions of wellness at Meth-Wick Community.

To learn more about the six different dimensions tailored for seniors, and how Meth-Wick Community strives to provide opportunities for residents to achieve wellness in all areas, click to read each article:

The Physical Dimension of Wellness

The Social Dimension of Wellness 

The Emotional Dimension of Wellness 

The Spiritual Dimension of Wellness 

The Intellectual Dimension of Wellness 

The Vocational Dimension of Wellness

For more information on activities and events to get involved and be active, be sure to check our calendar and regular newsletters on our website at: Meth-Wick News.

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