Residents Across Generations: Understanding Meth-Wick’s Timeless Appeal

Residents Across Generations: Understanding Meth-Wick’s Timeless Appeal

There’s a reason why Meth-Wick Community continues to stand as a beacon of excellence in senior living—it’s a place where generations of families come together to embrace a future that’s vibrant, secure, and full of promise.

Director of Operations, Amber Jedlicka, sheds light on what makes Meth-Wick a destination of choice for older adults and their families, highlighting some distinctive factors that resonate across generations.


A Legacy of Love and Respect

“What about Meth-Wick makes it a place that generations of families choose to spend their later years?” we asked Jedlicka.

The answer lies in the invaluable feedback received from adult children who’ve witnessed the compassionate care their loved ones receive at Meth-Wick.

“They saw their loved ones being taken care of with love, respect, and dignity, and they wanted that for themselves too,” she explains.

This legacy of care becomes a comforting assurance, a testament to the community’s unwavering commitment to helping residents thrive both physically and emotionally.

Empowerment and Peace of Mind

One of the key driving factors behind the multi-generational choice to reside at Meth-Wick is the gift of empowerment and peace of mind.

“They appreciated the example their parents gave them of knowing they had the safety net of the Meth-Wick community and campus for if their health needs changed,” says Jedlicka.

The Life Plan Community model serves as a safety net, offering a sense of security that resonates deeply with families. The ability to transition through various levels of care, on the same campus, provides residents and their families a valuable reassurance.

Taking Control of One’s Later Years

“Most people who choose Meth-Wick do so because they want to be the one making the decision of what their later years will look like,” Jedlicka says.

The freedom to craft their own retirement journey, tailored to their preferences and aspirations, is a powerful draw for residents. By choosing Meth-Wick, individuals create a fulfilling, engaging, and dynamic lifestyle while maintaining their independence.

The Voice of the Future

A recent focus group organized by Meth-Wick invited its priority waiting list members to share their insights on why they’ve chosen Meth-Wick as their active aging community. Their responses shed light on the common themes that influence their decision:

-Active Lifestyle. The encouragement of active living through amenities like walking trails on campus fosters a holistic approach to well-being.

-Family and Friends. The presence of parents or friends already residing at Meth-Wick forms a heartwarming community bond, drawing in new generations.

-Financial Security. Knowing they’ll be taken care of even if they outlive their retirement savings offers a vital layer of financial security.

-On-Campus Rehabilitation. Having rehabilitation facilities within the community offers convenience and comprehensive care.

-Continuum of Care. The assurance of continuing care regardless of evolving health needs is a pivotal factor that resonates with future residents.

-Dedicated Staff. The retention of staff and the commitment to nurse-to-resident ratios create an environment of trust and familiarity.

As Meth-Wick Community evolves with the times, it remains rooted in its dedication to creating a space where generations of families can thrive, ensuring each resident’s journey is filled with purpose, companionship, and unparalleled care.