Embracing the Future: Updating Our Mission Statement

Embracing the Future: Updating Our Mission Statement

Image of 5 Meth-Wick residents enjoying an outdoor gazebo on Meth-Wick's expansive campus.

In the ever-evolving landscape of senior living, Meth-Wick Community demonstrates its commitment to excellence in its revitalized mission statement: “A dynamic Active Aging Community focused on living life to its fullest.”

It blends Meth-Wick’s values with a vision for a future that’s vibrant, inclusive, and purposeful.

Director of Operations Amber Jedlicka walks us through the journey behind this transformation.

A Symphony of Words: Crafting the Perfect Statement

“As the team worked on improving the statement, words and phrases that came to mind for us were ‘thriving’ and ‘living life to its fullest’,” shared Jedlicka. These words encapsulated the essence of Meth-Wick’s residents—individuals who are brimming with life experience and wisdom, seeking an environment that nurtures their vitality. The objective was clear: to infuse the mission statement with words that are not just descriptive but also engaging and positive, reflecting the spirit of the community.

The final result, the culmination of meticulous brainstorming and thoughtful deliberation, stands as a testament to the organization’s evolution, resilience, and commitment to leading the way in the senior living industry.

Decoding the New Mission Statement

The newly formulated mission statement is more than just a collection of words; it’s a compass that guides Meth-Wick’s journey into the future:

Dynamic Adaptation. The inclusion of the word “dynamic” underscores Meth-Wick’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability. As Jedlicka explained, “We must be prepared to shift quickly—thus we must be dynamic.” This highlights the community’s responsiveness to change, ensuring that the organization remains in sync with evolving needs and trends.

A Sense of Community. The term “community” speaks to the interconnectedness of Meth-Wick’s residents, staff, and families. It signifies a shared purpose and a collective effort towards the betterment of each individual. Inclusion and togetherness lie at the heart of this powerful word.

Active Engagement. “Active” represents more than just a state of physical well-being. It embodies a culture of doing, of embracing life in its entirety. Whether it’s wellness, socialization, or care, Meth-Wick encourages residents to actively participate and pursue their passions.

Enriching Lives. “Living life to its fullest” serves as a reminder of the community’s dedication to optimizing every aspect of residents’ lives. This includes their physical, spiritual, mental, and social well-being. This encapsulates Meth-Wick’s holistic approach to senior living.

A Call to Action

Jedlicka emphasized that the true essence of the mission statement is best realized through action. “The team came together around this mission statement knowing the true work of the statement is when we are charged with living out the statement in the work, as we are charged to do each day to best serve our residents present and future.”

This mission is not a mere statement on paper; it’s a commitment that drives the daily efforts of Meth-Wick’s dedicated team to create an environment where residents truly thrive.

As Meth-Wick Community looks to the horizon with its revitalized mission statement, there is no doubt that its dynamic, active, and community-driven approach will continue to set the bar high for senior living communities across the industry.