Celebrating Excellence as CBJ’s Best Senior Living Community

Celebrating Excellence as CBJ’s Best Senior Living Community

Meth-Wick Community is honored to be named Best Senior Living Community by the Corridor Business Journal, yet again. This well-deserved recognition serves as a testament to the remarkable culture, innovation, and dedication fostered at Meth-Wick, a culture that CEO Robin Mixdorf and her team have diligently nurtured during their tenure.

Today on the blog, Mixdorf shares her thoughts on receiving this prestigious award for the fifth time and sheds light on the factors that have propelled Meth-Wick Community to the forefront of senior living excellence.

Cultivating a Culture of Wellness and Engagement

“Receiving this recognition is an affirmation that our residents, their families, and our staff value the culture we have created,” remarked Mixdorf. Indeed, Meth-Wick’s focus on wellness has not only revitalized the lives of its residents but has also galvanized a vibrant and engaging community. The core philosophy of Meth-Wick is not to merely provide a place to live but to facilitate a dynamic lifestyle that resonates with each resident’s unique definition of wellness.

Mixdorf emphasized, “Our focus on ‘wellness with options for care’ really reflects the priority we put on offering our residents active lifestyle choices.” This approach underscores the personalized experience that Meth-Wick residents enjoy. The community not only encourages engagement and social interaction but also functions as a safety net, providing additional care services when required.

Evolution and Adaptation for the Future

Meth-Wick’s remarkable journey is highlighted by its willingness to evolve with the times. “Senior living continues to change, and our longevity and success stem from the fact that we continue to change as well,” Mixdorf acknowledged. This adaptability has enabled Meth-Wick to consistently meet the evolving needs of its residents while staying aligned with the latest advancements in the senior living industry.

Strategic Vision and Growth

Mixdorf detailed the recent strategic planning that has set Meth-Wick on a path of continued excellence. “Our strategic planning has given us six specific areas of focus,” she explained. These areas encompass both expansion and refinement, demonstrating the community’s commitment to holistic progress. The goals include:

  1. Exploring the expansion of independent living.
  2. Strengthening the growth and sustainability of staff.
  3. Ensuring comprehensive wellness and recreation offerings.
  4. Evaluating and expanding the continuum of care.
  5. Reviewing the assisted living and nursing areas.
  6. Increasing resident and employee technology opportunities.

An additional seventh goal is a seamless transition to a new CEO, as Mixdorf recently announced her retirement.

A Bright Future Ahead

Though Meth-Wick Community celebrates our CBJ award for Best Senior Living Community, we’re not content to sit back and say, “Job well done.” With a strong management team at the helm and a strategic vision that encompasses growth, adaptability, and comprehensive care, Meth-Wick is poised to continue shaping the future of senior living. This award is not just a recognition of past accomplishments but a harbinger of the even brighter days that lie ahead for Meth-Wick Community and the residents we passionately serve.