Building on Innovation: Personalized Health, Personalized Home

Building on Innovation: Personalized Health, Personalized Home

Kris Kuester, Sales Manager, Independent Living

Kris Kuester meets her fair share of potential residents every year as the sales manager for independent living at Meth-Wick. By the end of every campus tour, she makes sure each person leaves with one important message –Meth-Wick is not a one-size-fits-all experience.

“No two residents are exactly the same,” says Kuester. “They all have different goals, tastes, and lifestyles. Meth-Wick is innovative in the way it caters to those unique needs.” New residents decide how they live, exercise, eat, play, decorate, socialize, and learn. Let’s find out more.

Customized Homes

“Throughout our history we have listened to our residents,” Kuester shares. “By listening, we discovered that not all residents want to live in a communal setting.” That is why Meth-Wick has been expanding its campus since the early 1980’s to incorporate a range of styles of living, including single family and duplex style homes along with more traditional condominiums and apartments. Residents can decide for themselves if they prefer to have neighbors down the street or right outside their door.

During the selection process, new residents are informed about the updates Meth-Wick plans to make to their unit. Meth-Wick freshens up every home before new residents move in. Most get new coat of interior paint and fresh carpeting. Some will receive additional renovations depending on its current condition. New residents are then given the opportunity to select the materials Meth-Wick will use to complete the update. They also have the option to customize beyond the scope of what Meth-Wick has planned like adding built-ins or windows and even moving walls.

Personalized Wellness

The Key Club at The Manor is a bring your own, self-service style lounge where friends and neighbors gather.

When new residents move to Meth-Wick, they meet with the Successful Aging Coordinator who helps them develop a successful aging plan with WelTracs®.

Meth-Wick staff developed WelTracs® to help define each resident’s interests, needs and preferences. They are then able to create a successful aging plan based on their health and wellness goals to connect them with the appropriate health and wellness opportunities. Some of these opportunities include fitness programs, hydro-therapy pool, Key Club, The Manor Brew, many clubs and card groups, and volunteer opportunities on and off campus. This plan will change over time to best meet the evolving needs of the resident at every stage.

Additionally, food is an important part of every community and health plan. “We are so fortunate to partner with Sodexo Senior Service,” says Kuester. “They do a great job of offering healthy food options at every meal.” Sodexo also works with residents one-on-one to customize a meal plan to meets their needs.

When it comes to your home, your health, or your dinner, Meth-Wick exists to help you live your best life. Our commitment to customization throughout our six decades serving older adults makes us innovative leaders in senior living.

If you have questions about independent living options at Meth-Wick, contact Kris via email at

This article is part of the “Building on Innovation” series celebrating Meth-Wick Community’s 60th Anniversary serving older adults in Cedar Rapids. From 1961 to today, Meth-Wick has been an innovative leader in the senior living market. We will be exploring this theme throughout the year on our blog.