Rehabilitation Care

Rehabilitation Care

rehab-stretch-307x460Rehabilitation after a surgery or health scare can be a long road. You want to make sure your transition from the hospital to home is as smooth as possible.

Here are five things to keep in mind.

  1. Expect things to be different – Being prepared for a different lifestyle may help you set expectations about returning to normal life. Recovery can take time and, though it’s never easy, changes may need to be made to make going home more comfortable for you.
  2. Start planning early – Home modifications and in-home nursing care are just a few things that may be needed after a surgery. These are also things you do not want to wait to do when you are already home and ready to rehab. Knowing that these have been addressed when you are discharged should bring you peace of mind as you start your road to recovery.
  3. Stay focused on goals – Discuss a daily routine with the physical, occupational and speech therapists, and work with caregivers to set short and long-term goals while at home. Let these goals motivate you to get stronger.
  4. Take advantage of resources – Make sure you know everything that is available in your community, from Home & Health Services to meal delivery services, house keeping to transportation services.
  5. Recognize that it’s ok to have help – Ask what level of care you will need after your surgery or procedure. If you find out that it is above what your family and friends can provide, ask for help.

Meth-Wick offers rehab services at The Woodlands (which has many new and exciting changes coming in the near future!). What makes these services unique are:

  • Private rooms.
  • Area for private family meetings and meals.
  • Attractive, non-institutional setting with lots of amenities.
  • Library, aviary, courtyard, fireplace and big screen TV.
  • Wake up when you want and enjoy a hot breakfast of your choice.
  • HydroWorx therapy pools (coming soon).

Our rehab programs are individually tailored to each person’s needs. Call us today at (319) 297-8634 for a free consultation. Learn how we can help you get the most out of life.