Q & A Home & Health Services with Cindy Scott

Q & A Home & Health Services with Cindy Scott

Home & Health Services at Meth-Wick encompass a wide range of services for residents to help them stay independent longer.

We asked Cindy Scott, RN, Home  & Health Clinical Nurse Manager, about the common questions she receives about the services.

Anyone interested in learning more about Home & Health Services through Meth-Wick can call Cindy directly at 319-297-8611.

There is also a form on our website: Home & Health Services. Residents or their family members can complete and submit the form and we’ll call you or mail out information.

We’ll set up a consultation with the resident and any family members, then work together to determine what they need and put together options.

1. What types of services are available? 


  • Administering medications and taking vitals
  • Wound care
  • Doctor correspondence and/or telehealth visits
  • Changing dressings and/or catheter care
  • Incontinence supply consultation
  • Emergency calls and assessing acute medical situations


  • Food and fluid intake assistance
  • Wellness checks and monitoring
  • Assistance with the Stay Safe button: changing batteries, programming new pendants, replacing neck chains or wristbands, etc.


  • Light cleaning and/or organizing
  • Laundry, ironing, and seasonal clothes sorting
  • Organizing cupboards or closets
  • Meal prep and grocery lists
  • Shopping assistance


  • Escorting and support for family events such as a wedding
  • A companion to spend quality time taking walks, helping with exercises, playing games, reading, crafting, etc.
  • Reoccurring well checks


  • Transporting to and from appointments, activities, events, stores, and more.
  • Cars and wheelchair vans are both available for transportation
  • Companionship is available for any transportation request

Miscellaneous assistance 

  • Help with cell phones, computers, tablets, and other basic technology needs
  • Packing and unpacking when preparing for a trip or moving
  • Pet and plant care while away

2. What is Care Coordination?

We offer Care Coordination services to those with more complex health needs. A nurse helps you navigate the medical system. This assistance lessens the risk of miscommunication by providing earlier intervention and avoiding or slowing health declines. Think of it as a personal health support person.

3. What are the benefits of using services through Meth-Wick rather than going through an outside agency?

At Meth-Wick, we are more involved with the individual and can therefore be more proactive than an outside agency may be. Because we are familiar with how the entire campus works, we can make recommendations or give people assistance in other areas.

Additionally, to make it easy and convenient for residents to keep up with their regular appointments and health checks, we provide regular clinics on campus, including:

  • Podiatry
  • UI nurse practitioners
  • Audiology
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Flu shots
  • Labs through Weland Lab

4. How does a resident pay for the services? 

Services are purchased with private pay. Long term care insurance policies may cover some services, although all policies are different.

5. Are there services available for those returning from hospital visit?

Yes, this service is free for residents. We’ll regularly touch base with the individual and make sure they understand medications, discharge instructions and other general information that is important for their recovery. This includes checking vital signs and setting up transportation to follow-up appointments. We want to make sure they are getting the assistance they need to encourage a successful recovery.