Meth-Wick Community Named Top 25 in Wellness

Meth-Wick Community Named Top 25 in Wellness


We’re proud to announce that the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and NuStep, LLC, have named Meth-Wick Community as a Top 25 Best in Wellness senior living community in North America! The 2019 ICAA NuStep Beacon Award recognized us for successfully fostering a best-in-class wellness-centered environment that benefits everyone who lives and works here.

“We’re thrilled to be one of the 25 senior living communities in North America to receive this award,” says Eryn Cronbaugh, Director of Wellness and Recreation. “We look forward to continuing our commitment to being a Wellness Campus with options for care.”

Research shows that more and more senior living communities are placing a priority on wellness-centered living. A survey by ICAA found that 59% of those communities will be wellness centered by 2023. However, Meth-Wick has offered a Wellness Campus with options for care for years, and it will continue to do so for everyone involved in our Life Plan Community.

“We’ve been intentional about growing our Wellness and Recreation program to include the needs, desires and abilities of our residents in all levels of care,” Eryn says.

She adds that the community will continue to empower residents to take active roles in starting resident-led groups. The Happy Hour, Friday night movies, card-making groups and chorus are all a result of cultivating a wellness-centered culture. Remember, if you have an idea for groups or programs that will enhance the emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, vocational or social wellbeing, please reach out to Eryn to provide your input.

And finally, thank you to our employees and residents for contributing to wellness here at Meth-Wick. Recognition by the ICAA and NuStep is nice, but you are what make our community a wonderful place to live!


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