Meth-Wick Community is “Best of the Corridor”

Meth-Wick Community is “Best of the Corridor”


The Corridor Business Journal announced their 2019 Best of the Corridor rankings today and Meth-Wick Community took the top prize in the Senior Community Living category. Congratulations to our employees, whose hard work and dedication earned us this honor, and thank you to all who voted for us.

We’re proud to accept this award recognizing our commitment to our residents, especially considering how many new senior living communities have been built in the corridor in recent years.

In today’s business environment, truly local and independent senior living communities like ours are hard to find. We have a unique status in our field as a not-for-profit senior living community. That status allows us to stay focused on serving our residents rather than bending to the wishes of shareholders.

Meth-Wick is committed to building a community where residents get to live “life as it should be.” That means we’re more than just a senior care organization that offers wellness services to residents who might want them. Instead, we’ve cultivated a campus culture focused on wellness that also provides options for care. We believe wellness is about more than just physical health. It’s physical, social, emotional, spiritual, vocational and intellectual as well.

Thank you to all the voters in our community who understand what makes Meth-Wick a special place.