Your First Day Home

Your First Day Home

Meth-Wick has an in-home assistance and home health care program available to every senior living in Linn County. This community outreach program is called Home & Health Services, established eight years ago in response to a resident need. The professional staff of Home & Health Services can assist you with health care related tasks, household chores or both.

An important service of Home & Health, Your First Day Home, is designed to help prevent hospital readmissions. “Studies show that patients who do not follow up with their doctor after a hospital stay are 10 times more likely to be readmitted,” says Amber Jedlicka, former Operations Director of Home & Health Services. “We are committed to helping seniors take a proactive approach to their health and reducing the likelihood they need to return to the hospital.”

This service has been a very positive one for Meth-Wick residents who have been hospitalized. In the last nine months, 32 residents who were discharged to home from a higher level of care entered into the Your First Day Home program. Out of these 32 residents, 24 have not needed to return to the hospital.

With Your First Day Home, Home & Health Services offers a free nurse visit to any Meth-Wick resident or any off-campus client who has been released from a hospital or from a Meth-Wick care setting. A Home & Health nurse will visit the patient approximately 24 to 48 hours after their arrival home, with lunch! Her follow up visits will be once again after six days and then 20 days, when she will offer an optional nursing assessment.

Your First Day Home is designed to give patients peace of mind that they will be well taken care of their first day home and every day that follows.

Questions about Your First Day Home or other services Home & Health offers? Visit our website or contact Sandi at or (319) 297-8654.