Custom Care at The Manor

Custom Care at The Manor

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For seniors that are in between independent living and needing 24-hour care, Meth-Wick offers Custom Care at The Manor. Custom Care is a certified assisted living health care package. Services are provided on the fourth floor of The Manor and includes:

  • Medication assistance
  • Bathing assistance or twice-weekly whirlpool
  • Hair shampooing
  • Grooming assistance
  • Dressing assistance
  • Morning and bed time assistance
  • The Oaks dining room
  • Personal laundry and bedding
  • Housekeeping services
  • Mail delivery to apartment

Each resident living on the fourth floor of The Manor has a call button in their apartment that rings to Custom Care to alert staff if they need assistance. There is a nurse on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Custom Care, along with additional nursing staff.

Another aspect of Custom Care involves Respite Suites. These suites are available for short-term stays, like surgery recovery or a temporary need to be close to support staff. These suites are also available for residents whose primary caregivers have commitments that take him or her away for a short time. For example, a tenant may have a procedure requiring 24-hour supervision post procedure. These tenants would come to a Respite Suite and we would keep an eye on them. Another example of Respite would be a tenant who has been in the skilled facility (like The Woodlands) and they are ready for discharge, however they may want to come to Respite just to bridge the gap to make sure they are truly ready to return home.

Custom care is customized to each residents needs. Meth-Wick develops a care plan for each resident to ensure they get the care they need. We have a social worker on site that ensures we stay within all the regulated guidelines while still meeting the needs of our residents.

“Meth-Wick offers a wide range of life style choices, from complete independent living to the nursing facility or home and health services,” says Katie Christensen, Admissions Coordinator. “Meth-Wick gives residents comfort in knowing that if they are in need of more help, it can be provided, whether it is a higher level of care or increased services in their home.”

If you are looking for more information on Meth-Wick’s assisted living services, please contact Sandi at 319-297-8634 or