As Seen On TV: Music and Memory

As Seen On TV: Music and Memory

The video above was part of a KCRG-TV9 "Show You Care" segment on Music & Memory

The Music & Memory program has been creating quite a buzz lately. On March 5, ABC World News with Dianne Sawyer featured an "America Strong" story on a program called Music & Memory. This program was developed by a social worker named Dan Cohen, where he brings donated iPods to residents of nursing homes with dementia, and creates personalized music playlists for them to listen to with headphones. And…the results have been phenomenal. People who are not able to communicate in other ways have been "awakened" with the use of music and headphones that are specifically put together for them.

We at Meth-Wick, are excited to announce that we have become one of only two "Music & Memory Certified Care Facility Partners" in Iowa! Several staff members took the certification training in February, and have started to implement the program on the Nesetril Wing of The Woodlands. We were fortunate to have a generous financial gift from Meth-Wick resident, Betty Debban, which paid for our training, and were also able to receive the start-up kit of equipment for free from Music & Memory as a not-for-profit partner.

On March 12, KCRG-TV9 got a hold of the story and featured Meth-Wick Community and our Music & Memory program on their "Show You Care" news segment. The feature shows just how the program works. Resident Gene Schoeberl begins the program by getting headphones attached to an iPod over his ears. The music begins playing, and the song is "Stayin’ Alive" by the Bee Gees. Schoeberl, who showed no previous signs or much movement before the start of the music, begins to tap his feet and move his fingers. Director of Wellness and Recreation Eryn Cronbaugh, says "those are telltale signs that the music is reaching him on some level."

So far, we have iPods, and other equipment for 15 residents, and hope to add to this in the future for all residents of The Woodlands. We have started with a group of five residents, and have developed personalized play-lists for these residents through help from them, their family members, and others. The results have been fantastic thus far, with residents singing, clapping, and their eyes and faces lighting up when they start to hear "their" music. Needless to say, we’re excited for the future!

We are currently accepting donations for gently used iPods and iTunes gift-cards for the Music and Memory program. If you would like to make a donation, please contact our Director of Wellness and Recreation, Eryn Cronbaugh at 319-297-8620. If you are interested in the ABC World News story, you may access it online at More information is also available on the Music & Memory website at Music & Memory.

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