Senior Living Spaces: Design Features that Enhance Wellness

Senior Living Spaces: Design Features that Enhance Wellness

Common area in Deer Ridge, an independent living condominium community.

Designing living spaces that prioritize comfort, safety, and accessibility is crucial for older adults to thrive in their homes. At Meth-Wick Community, we are dedicated to creating environments that promote the well-being of all our residents, in all of our Style of Living options.

Let’s explore some of the design features we employ on campus to increase the quality of life for our older adults.

Open and accessible layout. A clear and open layout is beneficial for older adults as it allows for easy movement and reduces the risk of falls. We minimize furniture in living areas to ensure there is ample space to maneuver mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs. Wide doorways and hallways accommodate mobility devices and promote a sense of freedom and independence.

Ample lighting. Good lighting is essential for older adults, as it enhances visibility and reduces the risk of accidents. Living spaces at Meth-Wick are well-lit with a combination of natural and artificial lighting.

Safety features. Implementing safety features throughout the living space is crucial for older adults’ well-being. Handrails and nonslip flooring are utilized in fall-risk areas like bathrooms and stairwells. For our residents who have memory loss and confusion, Arbor Place is outfitted with secure doors and windows that ensure resident safety while still promoting independence. Additionally, our monitoring systems and alarms provide peace of mind for families by promptly alerting staff if assistance is required.

Arbor Place is designed to resemble a traditional, family-style home for those with memory care needs.

Comfortable and supportive furniture. Choosing the right furniture is essential for older adults’ comfort and posture. We opt for chairs and sofas with firm cushions and supportive backrests that provide proper alignment and reduce strain on the body.

Slip-resistant flooring. We choose flooring materials that offer traction and reduce the risk of slips and falls. Non-slip tiles, vinyl, or laminate flooring with textured surfaces make areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, much safer. In most common areas, we’ve installed wall-to-wall carpeting to provide a stable walking surface.

User-friendly technology. Meth-Wick invests in technology to enhance life on campus. Residents at Arbor Place enjoy using the Tovertafel, a game console that’s operated by hand movements and designed for residents in dementia care. The Woodlands features two HydroWorx therapy pools for physical therapy or exercise. The pools are designed for ease of use and safety, as residents can enter at deck height and be lowered into the warm water.

Designing a comfortable living space for older adults goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that supports their physical, emotional, and functional needs. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our senior-friendly living spaces, we invite you to reach out to us at Meth-Wick Community.