Meth-Wick Team to Present at Upcoming Conference

Meth-Wick Team to Present at Upcoming Conference

This year’s Pioneering a New Culture of Aging Conference will feature a presentation about Meth-Wick’s nursing care unit, The Woodlands, and its person-centered care (PCC) model.

Eight team members will present at this industry-leading conference on Thursday, July 28th in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Alicia Vance Aguiar, Dondee Crow, Emily Haymond, Drew Hebert, Amber Jedlicka, Kris Miller, Billie Snider, and Bobby Wullner will discuss the benefits of PCC and neighborhood-style living that was implemented in 2019 at Meth-Wick’s skilled nursing facility.

PCC focuses on the needs and care preferences of the resident, while considering their abilities, wants, feelings, environment, and experiences. Communication and collaboration with the resident and their family members are also essential elements of the care model. The shift to PCC in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is considered a culture change in the industry, a move away from the traditional model of care which focuses more on structure, compliance, and symptoms of illness.

The Meth-Wick staff members’ presentation, “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood—The Woodlands: An Interdisciplinary Team Approach,” was chosen by The Pioneer Network after a rigorous selection process. It highlights Meth-Wick Community’s transition to the PCC model, the organizational structure that focuses on the resident, and tools like Learning Circles that help facilitate the culture change.

“We’re excited to be sharing our experiences with person-directed care at Meth-Wick,” said Amber Jedlicka, Meth-Wick’s director of post-acute care. “It truly is a culture change; from the interdisciplinary team approach to creating activities and a comfortable lifestyle for our residents, it’s been an incredibly rewarding journey,”

Pioneer Network was founded in 1997 by a small group of prominent professionals in long-term care who were pioneers in changing the culture of aging. Today, the organization is a large network of passionate individuals engaged in some aspect of senior living or long-term care which includes nursing homes, assisted living, and other providers of services and supports for elders.

The organization works at every level of long-term care to replace the traditional approach to institutional aging in nursing homes with settings that are real homes. It is the leading advocacy organization of the culture change movement towards long-term and eldercare that focuses on the aging person’s choices and wishes.

The annual conference offers care providers across the country a chance to learn about changes in regulations, advancements in person-directed care practices, and innovative staff development opportunities.