Why Baby Boomers are Embracing Retirement Communities

Why Baby Boomers are Embracing Retirement Communities

We know the drill. You’re approaching retirement age and your kids start asking if you plan to move to a retirement community. “I could never live in one of those places,” you say. “Those are for old people.”

Phrases like “nursing care”, “assisted living” and “retirement community” all come with a certain stigma. We think of them as places and services for old people. And if you don’t consider yourself an old person, you assume these services aren’t for you.

At Meth-Wick Community, we’re working hard to change those perceptions. What do you see when you think of an “old folks’ home”. Do you picture something like this?

Courtyard and garden at The Woodlands.
Single family homes and duplexes in the Highland Park neighborhood.
Common area in the Deer Ridge apartments.
Paved walking trails on campus.

Doubtful. But this is, in fact, what life looks like at Meth-Wick.

Sixty-eight acres of wooded campus nestled in the hills of northwest Cedar Rapids, just minutes from downtown. A state-of-the-art workout facility and paved walking trails across campus. Eight different neighborhoods with residential options from apartments, townhomes and single-family homes. Five different styles of living to support you as your health needs change.

Meth-Wick isn’t an old folks’ home like you may have experienced when visiting your parents or grandparents decades ago. We are what’s called a Life Plan Community.

At a Life Plan Community, you decide what your retirement years look like. It could be a time to get active, travel, downsize, build new relationships, or invest some real time in your favorite activities. It’s a place where you have the freedom – and the safety net – to live the life you’ve been planning.

Nobody wants to admit they’re getting older. But when that time comes, we can either decide what our lives are going to look like, or let life decide for us. Meth-Wick is the kind of place for people in the first category who want to live life on their terms. If that sounds like you, give us a call at 319-297-8638 and set up a visit to find your new home.