What Makes Nursing Care Different at Meth-Wick?

What Makes Nursing Care Different at Meth-Wick?


Every older adult has unique goals for their retirement years, which is why Meth-Wick Community offers a spectrum of living styles. As a Life Plan Community, Meth-Wick residents can live completely independently or with round-the-clock skilled care and supervision.

On the total care side of the spectrum at Meth-Wick is The Woodlands, our licensed nursing facility. The Woodlands serves as a comfortable and welcoming home for residents who can no longer live independently.

The Woodlands is also an excellent short-term option for independent living residents who are recovering from surgery or undergoing rehabilitation for a medical condition. With physical therapy and rehab services right on campus, the transition to The Woodlands and back to their Meth-Wick home is easy and convenient.

The Woodlands is uniquely designed to resemble three neighborhoods, each set up to function 
independently with a full-sized kitchen, living room, den, and craft room. There are 59 private resident rooms and three semi-private rooms. This setting supports our mission to give every resident the chance to live a full life with dignity and privacy.

The Woodlands staff creates a schedule of care that honors each resident’s individual preferences related to all activities of life. Our goal is to help our residents create a true home with its own unique customs and atmosphere.

For example, the Woodlands has a special neighborhood for those who are chronically confused or in advanced stages of dementia. It’s a secure area that provides stimulation and companionship in a safe environment. Other residents receive full-time care from nursing staff and CNAs that help them get up and dressed in the morning, keep them on a daily routine, and ensure all their medication and doctors’ appointments are on track.

What Makes Us Different

A majority of residents at the Woodlands have been a part of the Meth-Wick community for many years, having previously lived independently or with some assistance in other Meth-Wick residences like The Manor or Greenwood Terrace. When a resident or a resident’s loved one determines there is a need for a different level of care, Meth-Wick staff works to move the resident to the appropriate style of living. We’re committed to providing the right level of care for every resident.

Our commitment to care is what attracts many older adults to Meth-Wick in the first place. At 55 years old, you can move to a community that has the ability and expertise to take care of you for the next 40 years or more, no matter what life brings. There’s no mad scramble to find nursing care after a fall or a memory care unit if Alzheimer’s symptoms appear. You will simply move to a new room or a new building on a campus that you already know and love.

Nonresidents can apply to live at The Woodlands as well. Our resident population is ever-changing so there are often rooms available to welcome new members into our community.

For more information about The Woodlands or to inquire about availability, please contact us.