Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We know lots of questions come up when choosing a retirement community. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.

Will I be able to afford to live at Meth-Wick?

A. The Meth-Wick Community is competitively priced, and much more affordable than many people realize, especially when compared to the expenses of living on your own.

What would happen if I become a Meth-Wick resident, then find myself unable to pay the monthly fee?

A. Apart from a misrepresentation or transfer of assets not allowable under law, no resident would be asked to leave because of inability to pay. Residents who exhaust their resources may receive support from the Wick Endowment Fund.

Can I bring decorations and furniture from my home?

A. Yes, along with any other furnishings you want to create a comfortable home at Meth-Wick. You may bring pictures for the walls, hang wallpaper, choose special window coverings, most anything to personalize your home the way you want it.

As my health needs change, will I have to leave Meth-Wick to find the care and support i need?

A. Meth-Wick offers a full range of options from independent living to complete nursing care. Short of a hospital stay, the health care professionals at Meth-Wick will be able to meet your needs so you will never need to move again.

Is there a waiting list?

A. Yes, but the wait list length varies for each residence. It’s important to plan ahead and place your name on a list so you can make the move to Meth-Wick on your own terms, rather than waiting for health changes to force you into a decision.

Why should I pick a Life plan Community over senior living apartments?

A. Meth-Wick is unique in that it combines housing options with a range of services and health care assistance so you can live the way you want to, whether it be independent living, independent living with supported services, assisted living or licensed nursing care. As your needs change, your living arrangements and health care services can change as well, all without having to leave the security and comfort of an established community.

What is the difference between independence plus and assisted living?

A. The main difference is in the readiness of nursing services. Independence Plus residents have access to the campus nurse when needed. Assisted living residents receive daily help with grooming, bathing, medication, etc., as their lifestyle requires. Their rooms also feature a call light that will summon a caregiver any time of the day or night when pressed. In short, assisted living offers a higher level of regular care, while Independence Plus provides independent living with assistance available when needed.

Does Meth-Wick accept the elderly waiver?

A. We do not accept the elderly waiver in our assisted living areas. However, we do have Medicaid available at the Woodlands nursing facility. Please contact Katie Christensen, Director of Long Term Support & Services at 319-365-9171 with further questions.

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