Life at Meth-Wick

Robin’s Nest: Campus Renovations and Additions

From the desk of Meth-Wick Community CEO, Robin Mixdorf. The only reason Meth-Wick has continued to be a top-tier senior living facility since we opened our doors in 1961 is …

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Resident Spotlight: Bea and Jena

As a life-long west-sider, Bea Entrekin had one requirement when she started looking for a senior living community. “I wanted to stay on the west side,” said Bea, smiling. After …

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Employee Spotlight: Katie Christensen

Katie Christensen serves as the Director of Long-Term Support and Services at Meth-Wick. She spends her days working with assisted living staff, meeting with residents and families and generally making …

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Employee Spotlight: Ron Jaeger


When Ron Jaeger started his career in accounting, he had a plan. He wanted to get experience in a range of different industries rather than sticking with one job his …

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Resident Spotlight: Gretchen Beckhelm

Gretchen Beckhelm has always had an independent, adventurous spirit. After graduating from Mt. Vernon High School, she left Iowa to attend college and never looked back. Gretchen earned degrees in …

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Resident Spotlight: John and Karen Wagner


As John and Karen Wagner will tell you, they are members of the Oreo generation. Their adult lives were squeezed by two important sets of responsibilities: after spending a few …

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Employee Spotlight: Julie Farmer


Julie Farmer is the kind of person you like on sight. Her unmistakable warmth and energy draws people in and her conversations are filled with humor and compassion. She’s the …

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Employee Spotlight: Teresa Dusil

Teresa Dusil and Meth-Wick grew up together. Teresa graduated from Central College in 1981, when Meth-Wick was 20 years old and The Manor was its only building. Eager to use …

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Resident Spotlight: Jon and Phyllis Griswold

Jon and Phyllis Griswold are planners. After seeing how happy and well cared for Jon’s mother, Doris, was during her 18 years at Meth-Wick, it was an easy decision to …

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