Robin’s Nest: Making Meth-Wick Unique

Robin’s Nest: Making Meth-Wick Unique

If there’s one thing that makes Meth-Wick unique, it’s the variety of lifestyles residents live on our campus.

Those new to Meth-Wick are often surprised by the mix. We offer five different styles of living: Independent Living, Independence Plus, Assisted Living for Physical Needs, Assisted Living for Memory Needs, and Nursing Care. Some residents live with their spouse in a newly-built single-family home while others take advantage of assisted living services in a spacious, private apartment.

On a 65-acre campus like ours, there’s room for different kinds of lifestyles to exist in harmony with each other, all benefiting from Meth-Wick’s 57 years of experience in senior living.

That’s why we’re considered a Life Plan Community, rather than a care facility. The phrase “care facility” conjures up images you might associate with your parents or grandparents, but certainly not with yourself. A Life Plan Community, on the other hand, is a vibrant place that offers older adults a range of residential options along with opportunities for personal, creative and educational exploration.

In a Life Plan Community like we have at Meth-Wick, residents get to live the life they have been planning for years. They have access to our expansive wellness program, from yoga classes to walking trails to specially-fitted recumbent bicycles. They can attend on-campus lectures and join community groups. And, they have access to different levels of assistance should their health needs change over the years.

We’re proud that older adults from all different walks of life have chosen to be a part of the Meth-Wick story. It’s what will continue to make our community unique for many years to come.