Suit up! Warm Water Therapy is Coming to Meth-Wick

Suit up! Warm Water Therapy is Coming to Meth-Wick


Water is a therapeutic tool that can benefit many health conditions, which is why we’ve taken steps to provide this therapy to Linn County residents. Meth-Wick is installing two Hydroworx pools at The Woodlands through the Rejuvenate campaign.  The therapy pools will enable Meth-Wick to offer improved quality of life to individuals who have been unable to exercise due to pain, limited mobility and/or discomfort.

We anticipate many benefits to water therapy with the Hydroworx pools. Some of those benefits are:

  • Reducing the force of gravity that’s compressing the joint. Hydrotherapy offers 360-degree support for sore limbs, decreases swelling and inflammation, and increases circulation.
  • Stimulating blood flow to stiff muscles and frozen joints. This makes it easier for a person to move joints and exercise more than they would be able to do outside of the pools.
  • Moveable floors that aid in safe entry and exit for all residents. “Once the pool floor is lowered, the bottom acts as a treadmill that promotes proper posture and gait while walking,” says our Fitness Specialist, Kristin VanDyke. “There are also underwater cameras so fitness and therapy professionals can assess the biomechanics of residents.”
  • Adjustable jets allow each resident to set their own resistance. As the resident’s workouts progress, the resistance can be increased to challenge and improve their endurance and strength.
  • New aquatic exercise classes, aquatic personal training and water walking. These classes will aim to decrease fall risk, increase strength, endurance and range of motion, as well as improve overall health and well being of all residents.

Meth-Wick is excited to add Hydroworx pools to its campus not only because of the additional fitness programming but because of the many benefits they will bring to our residents and the Cedar Rapids Community.

If you have questions about the Hydroworx pools or wellness at Meth-Wick, contact Eryn Cronbaugh, Director of Wellness and Recreation, or Kristin VanDyke, Fitness Specialist.