Making Your Summer Travels Stress Free

Making Your Summer Travels Stress Free

Respite Care and Home and Health Services

The summer weather brings a number of travel plans, as well as raises questions when it comes to finding the right care for your loved one while you are away. Find out how Meth-Wick Community can help de-stress your traveling plans this summer with the use of our on-campus Respite Care and Home and Health Services in your home.

Meth-Wick Community offers Respite Care which provides short-term, temporary care on campus for caregivers who may at times feel overwhelmed, or who may need a place for their loved one to stay while they are away.

A short break from caring for a family member helps relieve caregiver stress and restore energy. The caregiver can gain a peace of mind, knowing that Meth-Wick’s staff is providing their family member with the assisted living or skilled nursing care they need. This short break helps the caregiver find balance in their life, enabling them to take a trip, or even go to the doctor.

While benefiting the caregiver, Respite Care also provides a change of scenery for the person receiving care. They receive assistance with daily personal tasks like grooming, and health-related tasks such as medicine management and post-surgical care. Respite care is available at Arbor Place, The Woodlands, and through Custom Care at The Manor

Respite Care will help with your travel plans on campus, but what if your loved one doesn’t need 24 hour care? Our Home and Health Services can provide you or your loved one with professional staff for companion and chore services in your own home. These services cover a wide range of items such as daily companionship, bed making, meal preparation, shopping, errands and transportation.

Let Meth-Wick Community help make your travel plans stress free and enjoyable this summer! For more information, give us a call or visit our website

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