Leave a Legacy

Generous Donations Bring Campus To Life

When you step on Meth-Wick’s campus for the first time, you start to notice all the little details that make it unique. Take a walk by the koi pond and you’ll see dedicated benches from spouses and loved ones. Walk through The Woodlands and its warm water therapy pools and you’ll see names of generous businesses and family endowments lining the walls. Visit a common area in one of the residences and you’ll see a benefactor’s name on the door.

Meth-Wick fills an important role in our community by building a positive and healthy environment for older adults. It’s a mission that has moved thousands of residents and community members to donate to the cause.

  • Resident Connie Proffitt has spent her life giving. Giving her homemade prayer shawls to those in need of a little love. Giving English lessons to adults learning to read. Giving care to her late husband when he fell ill. But most recently, she’s begun giving a memorial donation to Meth-Wick’s endowment fund every time a resident passes away. Connie’s gift pays respect to those who’ve passed by giving compassion to those still with us.
  • Carolyn Lindsay’s mother, Lillian Neff, lived at Meth-Wick for ten years until her passing in 2016. Lillian enjoyed her time at Meth-Wick and she especially cherished the staff who cared for her. To honor her mother’s memory, Carolyn contributed a Ninja Coffee Bar to the hardworking men and women who care for residents at The Woodlands, so they can continue to brighten the days of residents like Lillian.
  • Arbor Place, which provides assisted living for residents with memory needs, was in need of an upgrade. Meth-Wick staff was working to secure funding to replace the carpet, furniture and windows so the building would feel more like home. The relative of a former Arbor Place resident got wind of the project and made an anonymous $50,000 donation to make it a reality. The donor’s relative was well cared for at Arbor Place and their donation will ensure current and future residents will find comfort there as well.

Meth-Wick is made great by the people who love it. The community here is a product of generosity. Sometimes that generosity manifests itself as a tree that shades a pair of old friends passing under its branches. Other times it manifests itself as a new building where grandparents will one day invite their grandchildren over to play checkers.

Gifts large and small bring our campus to life. During October’s Leave A Legacy Month, we hope Connie, Carolyn, and countless others like them inspire you to share your values with the Meth-Wick Community.

Please consult your financial professional for to determine the gift best suited to your financial needs. If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Dusil at (319) 297-8603 or tjkdusil@methwick.org.

How to ‘Leave A Legacy’ at Meth-Wick

Meth-Wick was established in 1959 through thoughtful planning and a charitable gift. Local philanthropist Barthinius L. Wick wanted to create a place where older adults could live together in a community so he set aside funds and a set of instructions in his trust. After he passed, his gift was paired with the expertise of the United Methodist Church to build Meth-Wick Community as we know it today.

Mr. Wick had a clear set of values throughout his life. He prioritized his community, promoted philanthropy and respected the dignity of every person. Those values were crystalized in his great final project – Meth-Wick Community. Although he didn’t live to see his plans become a reality, his dedicated trustees and well-written estate plan built a campus and community that residents will cherish for generations to come.

October is Leave A Legacy month at Meth-Wick. This month, we are asking our residents to think like Mr. Wick. What would you like your legacy to be at Meth-Wick?

Give a gift that reflects what’s important to you. Do you enjoy sitting by the koi pond? Consider donating a bench to place nearby. Do you look forward to the changing leaves on campus every fall? Think about donating a tree that will be marveled at by future generations. If it matters to you, we want it to be a part of the Meth-Wick story.

  1. Living Unit Refund – With one simple form and a quick visit to Teresa Dusil you can direct – after your lifetime – all or a percentage of your living unit refund to Meth-Wick. This refund provides an easy way to share your values with Meth-Wick without disturbing your existing estate plans.
  1. Stock or Securities – There are favorable tax rules in place for those who wish to donate long-term stock or securities (owned for at least a year) that has appreciated in value. The donor doesn’t have to pay capital gains on the appreciated stock or security and there is no need to obtain an appraisal.
  1. Cash – A cash gift is a straightforward and tax-deductible donation option.
  1. Real Estate – By donating real estate, the donor is able to forego the costs associated with maintaining, selling or passing down property and contribute to Meth-Wick’s mission.
  1. IRA Assets – The IRA charitable rollover was renewed and made permanent by Congress in 2015. This provision allows individuals aged 70½ years to donate up to $100,000 from their IRA directly to charity without treating it as taxable income.
  1. Charitable Gift Annuity – By purchasing a charitable gift annuity from Meth-Wick, you give away a lump sum and receive quarterly interest payments on that amount for the rest of your life. The rate of interest depends on the donor’s age.
  1. Donate to the endowment fund – A percentage of income from these funds is used to pay for free or discounted care for residents who have exhausted their funds through no fault of their own. The principal in the fund is never touched, only the interest it produces. The generous support of the Meth-Wick endowment guarantees that the compassion displayed at Meth-Wick today will be continued for decades to come.

As you can see, donations can come in many forms. Spend some time thinking about which type of gift best communicates your values. We are grateful to our generous donors for allowing us to continue Mr. Wick’s legacy for years to come.

Please consult your financial professional for to determine the gift best suited to your financial needs. If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Dusil at (319) 297-8603 or tjkdusil@methwick.org.