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Dietitian Tips: Pumpkin For Dinner


A chill is in the air, leaves are slowly changing colors, and pumpkin is in season! Pumpkin is a popular fall flavor that’s everywhere this time of year. You’ll find …

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Older Adult Bloggers You Should Be Following


The internet’s not just for kids anymore. Older adults have carved out a significant corner of the world wide web to talk about issues that matter to you: how to …

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Assisted Living for Physical Needs: What is it?

There’s no shame in asking for help. Our bodies change with age and, at a certain point, it gets a little harder to reach the top shelf in the pantry …

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Dietitian Tips: All About Fiber


If you’re looking to lower your cholesterol or blood sugar levels, achieve a healthy weight, or regulate your bowel movements, dietary fiber could be your answer. Dietary fiber is a …

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What To Do in Cedar Rapids This Summer


Fill up your social calendar this season with plenty of summertime fun in and around Cedar Rapids. We’ve compiled a list of places to go and things to do with …

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Independence Plus: An Explanation

As a Life Plan Community, Meth-Wick is designed to change with you as your goals evolve. Today, you’re on the move. But in a few years, you might need some …

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Dietitian Tips: Staying Hydrated

During these hot months it is important to remember to stay hydrated! Adequate fluids are by far the most important nutrient we put into our body. In addition to providing …

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Resident Spotlight: John and Karen Wagner


As John and Karen Wagner will tell you, they are members of the Oreo generation. Their adult lives were squeezed by two important sets of responsibilities: after spending a few …

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Employee Spotlight: Julie Farmer


Julie Farmer is the kind of person you like on sight. Her unmistakable warmth and energy draws people in and her conversations are filled with humor and compassion. She’s the …

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Robin’s Nest: Making Meth-Wick Unique

If there’s one thing that makes Meth-Wick unique, it’s the variety of lifestyles residents live on our campus. Those new to Meth-Wick are often surprised by the mix. We offer …

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